AWCON Ghana 2018, Finals Banyana Vs the Super Engles I missed my penalty. the Nigeria team were crowned the AWCON champions.  2022 AWCON Mocorro, Semi-final Bayana vs Zambia. We get awarded a penalty during the 90th minute. I scored the penalty that sent us to the finals and actually won the tournament, being crowned AWCON champions for 2022. The only way to explain this is by quoting the bible verse that says “when the time is right I the lord will make it happen” Indeed the timing is right I am an African champ now.[Smile]. About the celebration, after scoring the penalty against Zambia a lot of people were expecting me to dance but the way I was so nervous I just had to be still, I don’t know why, it just happened.

WAFCON 2022 | Final | Morocco v South Africa | Highlights

Hildah’s two goals were enough for us (BANYANA) to beat Morocco 2-1 and win WAFCON 2022 in an electrifying way at a packed-out Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium.

When the final whistle went out, I kneeled down and prayed. It was so emotional & very exciting. But listen after I prayed and the music started playing, Amapiano songs just to add I was so tired but man I just had to dance.

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With all being said the support we got from back at home (South Africa) was out of this world. South Africa made this possible for us. I saw a united nation. I am really grateful for the support that the people of the south have shown us.

I know, it is a late post… But Thank you to all the fans, family, friends & federation